New Computers and Servers



Small Business Servers and Workstations

Our professional technicians specialize in offering services to support your entire small business technology infrastructure. From running networking cables and installing drop points to running your server and email exchange system. We specialize in  HIPAA  compliance.


Maintenance Plans 

If you went out and bought a new car, you wouldn’t wait to change the oil until after the car broke down and stopped working. Computers also need regular maintenance to stay in good working condition. It is always easier to maintain technology rather than fix it.  With our monthly maintenance plans we can take care of all the updating, defragging, etc.


Custom Built System 

Whether you need a simple “check email and browse the web” system at home, or a high-powered server for your business, or something in between, we can make the computer of your dreams!  Don’t know what you need?  Call us for a FREE consultation, and we will find the system for you!  We also offer great deals on Lenovo systems for your business through our partnership with them.

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“Computers are a tool…and the better the condition of your tools, the better the overall experience.”