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Owner- Lead Technician


My first computer was one that my father had me pick out for the family when I was seven years-old. It was an Apple IIgs, and within hours of getting it home, I had it in pieces, all over the living room floor! I have always been intrigued with technology, computers, and figuring out how stuff works. I have been in the computer repair business for more than 15 years –starting as a Technical Support Representative for Microsoft Windows ME! As an employee at a few local computer repair places, I saw how they treated their customers and felt that there was a more honorable way to do things. This is why honest, professional, and affordable service is so important to us at A Higher Standard Computers!


“serious computer skills and a great sense of humor”



Office Manager


In addition to the many other hats I wear (Husband Repair Technician, Family Medic, Mother-Extraordinaire) my husband asked if I wanted to play a more active role in the family business by being the Office Manager. While I feel sometimes more like an unpaid intern, I love what I do! In addition to being the Office Manager, I also serve as a normal-person-reality-check for Ken (He’s a geek after all, and sometimes needs reminders that he is actually human)! I believe in delivering the best customer service possible, which is why I earnestly strive to make your experience with A Higher Standard Computers be the best it can be!


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“mad office skills and a good cook too ”