While I was working as a tech for another business in Houston, I became disappointed in how they treated both their customers and their employees, and thought, “I can do better!” So, in 2013 I started working for myself full-time as a IT consultant for small businesses and residential customers. I absolutely loved what I did, and enjoyed the opportunities that came my way.

Towards the end of 2016, I felt the need to be close to my family in Utah, and made the move to be near them in early 2017. Sadly, with this move, many of my customers understandably decided to choose other IT providers that could provide them with support locally. With the move to Utah came new personal opportunities, so I decided to shut down A Higher Standard Computers at the beginning of 2018.



I was recently informed by my remote support software provider, TeamViewer, that I am no longer in good standing with them. I maintained a subscription with them while I was in business, but misunderstood how their subscriptions work, and let it lapse after I shut down A Higher Standard Computers (thinking that they would cancel it automatically). They have informed me that despite me being a paying customer of theirs since 2012, and despite the thousands of dollars I’ve spent in maintaining my license with them while I was in business, they cannot overlook the fact that I did not cancel my subscription properly.

Many of my former customers, and current family and friends have appreciated my help from time to time, and I have mistakenly been using TeamViewer improperly (because I failed to cancel my subscription according to their terms).

I strongly suggest that if you have TeamViewer installed on your computer, that you uninstall it. I will not be using their software anymore, and leaving it installed will leave your computer unnecessarily open to remote access over the Internet.