Virus Removal



Protect Yourself and Your Data

Ransomware and malware is a real and serious threat. In 2015 alone, the Department of Homeland Security says reported victims paid around $24 million in ransoms and data recovery. If you think you are infected- get help NOW.

At A Higher Standard Computer we believe in a proactive defense in protecting your privacy and data. We have partnerships with top rated anti-virus companies to help protect you.


 Here are a few tips on protecting yourself:

  • If you suspect you have a virus- stop using your computer and call A Higher Standard Computer
  • Microsoft will NOT call you for tech support. If someone does call claiming to be tech support- hang up.
  • If you get a pop-up from a program that has an unfamiliar name- do not click on it.
  • Only turn over control of your computer for remote support from a source you have personally sought out and hired.
  • In the event that you fall victim to a scam, unplug your computer, call AHS Computers, and  report the scam to the FTC. 


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Report Scam to FTC


“A large number of attacks rely on social engineering. Ask yourself next time you get offer an email or online for a free iPad or FedEx package- is this probably real?”