We keep it simple! $99 an hour. No extra fees. No hidden costs. We only bill for the time we actually spend repairing your system. And we offer FREE ESTIMATES!!! Call us TODAY!!!


Don’t bother with getting your hands and knees dirty, or worry about which cords go where!  We’ll take care of that for you with our FREE pick-up and delivery service!  No charge! Really! No hassle -FREE- pick up and delivery in League City and surrounding areas! Call us to schedule a pick-up time TODAY!!!


Whether you need a simple “check email and browse the web” system at home, or a high-powered server for your business, or something in between, we can make the computer of your dreams!  Don’t know what you need?  Call us for a FREE consultation, and we will find the system for you!  We also offer great deals on Lenovo systems for your business through our partnership with them.  Call us TODAY!!!

 PC & MAC Repair 

Do you need some help with setting up your new computer? Are you unsure of how to transfer your files to your new Mac or PC? Are you looking to get more life out of your tired computer, or need an upgrade?  We have the tools and knowledge to work on both PC’s and Mac’s.  Call us for a FREE consultation!!!


Many repairs can be handled remotely, without you or your computer leaving your home.  Our remote support service means that we can take care of your repair without the travel time or traffic that is between your problem and our solution!  Many times help is available without needing an appointment!  Remote support means being able to watch as our techs work on your computer. It means getting help at home while your are at work. It means flexibility and freedom! Call us for a remote support session TODAY!!!



Meet Ken
owner and lead technician


  • 15+ years or professional experience in I.T.
  • Married to Chiara for 16 years
  • Father to 3 wonderful boys
  • Tech fanatic
  • Personable & fun-loving
  • Active participant in local community groups

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Is this the relationship you have with your technology ?

We’re here to help!

More and more, technology is becoming a fundamental part of our daily lives. At work, at home, and everywhere in between, we rely on technology to get things done. Technology is supposed to simplify our lives, free-up our time, and improve our quality of life. If your technology is more of a headache and a hindrance, then let us help! From simple, one-time, break-fix solutions, to all-inclusive service-level agreements, we are the “I.T. Department” that is specifically tailored to meet your needs. At A Higher Standard Computers, our goal is to provide you with HONEST, PROFESSIONAL service at an AFFORDABLE price. Our expert technicians have the knowledge to solve your problems, whether they’re on a PC or Mac, hardware or software related, in the “cloud” or on your local network. Help us help you take control of your technology! Call us today for a FREE consultation!


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